Thanks To Mr Breguet Invented Exquisite Tourbillons UK

Thanks To Mr Breguet Invented Exquisite Tourbillons UK
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Thanks To Mr Breguet Invented Exquisite Tourbillons UK

There are three traditional complex functions of watchmaking: tourbillon, perpetual calendar and mitute repeater. Today, I will focus my post on tourbillons that add beauty and charm to the perfect fake watches. Almost famous watch brands have tourbillon editions.

Abraham-Louis Breguet is the founder of famous watch brand, Breguet.
Abraham-Louis Breguet

When talks about tourbillons, Abraham-Louis Breguet must be mentioned. He is honoured as the “Father of Modern Watchmaking”. Tourbillons was one of the most important and famous achievements of him. He is the genius of watchming and his achievements have a great influence to the later watchmaking industry.

Why Mr Breguet invented the tourbillon?

Tourbillon can reduce the influence of gravity.

With a long time observation, Mr Breguet found that the gravity affects the precision of the mechanical copy watches. In order to reduce this error, he putted all the escapements (like balance wheel, spring, pallet, escape wheel and so on) into one rotating frame.

With continue innovation and improvation, well-designed replica Breguet watches are welcome among the world watch market.

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